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Mobile Application

Mobile applications are quickly revolutionizing way the world does business. The customer interaction of these innovative mediums plays a big role in promoting both a brand and business efficiency. The concept of customer interaction and services has undergone an enormous change through the use of engaging mobile apps. The entry of advanced devices like the iPhone, iPad and operating systems like the iOS and Android has brought about a technological revolution that has popularized the use of mobile applications.

We can craft mobile applications that indulge your every need. These could either be a stand-alone concept or applications that can be integrated into the existing IT infrastructure of the client's business. The phenomenal scope of mobile applications has helped all businesses, small and large, enhance their ability to promote their brand and boost their performance.

Why Mobile Apps?

  • Empower and elevate your business with the use of mobile applications.
  • Interact with your customers, no matter where they are!.
  • Offer Value-Added-Services for customer satisfaction and better sales figures.
  • Cost-effective solution, optimizes business performance for better ROI
  • Effective, affordable and convenient means of business promotion

Why Prads?

Our primary focus is to completely understand your goals and needs, and create a product that will wow you and your customers. The mobile app developers at Delta Space have an abundance of experience and technical expertise working with various development platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows, and BlackBerry. We also have a successful track record of using state-of-the-art technology like HTML 5 to our clients' benefit. Our applications have earned rave reviews from clients as we have empowered them and helped them become more efficient, secure and marketable. Our solutions are enhanced by the latest in technological advances like PCS compliance and various other innovations. They ensure that you will get the absolute most out of your app, and they work to increase your profitability.

Mobile Application Development Services from Prads:

iPhone Application Development

  • Custom iPhone Apps Development
  • iPhone Web Apps Development
  • Porting Web Application to iPhone
  • iPhone Games Development

iPad Application Development

  • iPad Compatible Website
  • iPad Web Application Development
  • Porting Web Application to iPad App
  • iPad Games Development

Android Application Development

  • Android Mobile Application Development
  • Android Tablet Application Development

BlackBerry Application Development

  • BlackBerry Mobile Application Development
  • BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet Application Development

Windows Mobile Application Development

  • Windows Phone 7 Application Development